About Applied Sprinkler Solutions

We are BBB Accredited and have won the BBB Winner of distinction Award for 2008, 2009, 2010. We are Texas A & M educated irrigation specialists.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Important Questions to Ask Before You Choose Your Irrigation Company.

What makes our company the best choice?

Expert Houston lawn sprinkler system design and quality installation set Applied Sprinkler Solutions apart from the competition. We add value not typically available from other Houston lawn sprinkler installation companies. We apply our lawn sprinkler, fertigation, and drainage correction capabilities, to the water demands of individual plants and design the optimal watering system specific to your lawn’s requirements

Do your irrigation systems meet compliance and safety standards?

Every system we install is properly designed and safely constructed in accordance with all current construction codes and safety standards. However, it is the extra precautions we take during installation that sets Applied Sprinkler Solutions apart from our competitors.

Can you provide references?

We can provide references that will allow you visit installation sites where you can see firsthand the expert system design and quality workmanship that distinguish our irrigation system.

Are your installers experienced professionals?

Our irrigation specialists are licensed professionals who are continually trained on the latest design practices and irrigation technologies. They are not seasonal staff.

Will I need to be home during installation?

You will not need to be home at any time during installation. However, at the appropriate time in the installation process, we will need access to the water system controls for a period of 30 minutes. Shortly after your installation is completed, we ask that you be present so that we can provide instruction on the proper operation of your new system.

Which brand-name products will you be using?

We use only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers. In our opinion, no single manufacturer excels in all areas. By carefully selecting the best individual system components from the appropriate source rather than relying on a single brand name product, we believe that we can build the best, most efficient irrigation system for your site requirements.

How many heads will be included in my irrigation system?

The right number of irrigation heads and proper head placement are critical considerations in any lawn sprinkler system. Inexperienced contractors may install too few heads, while others may reduce the number of irrigation heads to lower your up-front cost. Dry spots from inadequate water coverage will result from too few and/or improperly spaced heads.

We don't cut corners. We precisely place the correct number of irrigation heads to ensure uniform, total area coverage. To avoid dry sections closest to sprinkler heads, watering patterns are set up to provide critical overlapping head-to-head coverage. We know that proper system design and uniform water coverage will make the difference between healthy lawns and gardens throughout the growing season and especially during extended periods of hot weather.

Carefully review your system layout & bill of materials before making your decision. Most often, the lowest cost system is NOT your best value. After your lawn sprinkler system is installed, your only question will be...

Wow! why didn’t I do this sooner?

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